The  BANC Raiders can trace their roots back to the "Red Devils" teams of  the 1960's, when Felix Guiffra Sr., Ralph Arnone and others organized  the youth tackle football program in the Byram section of Greenwich.  Subsequent BANC leaders have included Joe Vancho, George Finn and Harry  Catanzaro. 

The  name BANC comes from the first letters of the Byram Archibald  Neighborhood Center, a facility on Delavan Avenue, which provides after  school educational and social programs, sports programs and summer camps  for neighborhood children. The BANC program is founded on  sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and hard work.

The  BANC football and cheerleading programs have been able to teach  life-lessons and provide memories to your children that will stay with  them forever. Three divisions (Bantam, Junior and Senior) make up the  Raiders and that means over 100 players and cheerleaders are involved  each year. We hope that as adults, they look back on their years with  BANC with great fondness and remember them as some of the happiest times  they experienced as children.